Why Do You Need a Denture Adjustment and Repair?

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Why Do You Need a Denture Adjustment and Repair

Dentures are an excellent way to fill in the gaps in your mouth caused by damage, tooth loss, or decay. It helps not only fix your smile but also enhance your health. With the help of dentures, you can avoid many serious problems, such as difficulty eating and other nutritional deficiencies.
To function correctly, it needs to be well taken care of. The longer a denture is worn, the more likely it will require repair or relining.

How Should Your Dentures Fit?

Dentures are used to replace lost teeth. They serve to restore your ability to eat, speak, laugh, and smile in the same manner as you would if your natural teeth were still sound and present. There may be a problem if the dentures are limiting any of these activities. Traditional dentures should fit comfortably inside your mouth without causing any gum irritation. With little movement, partial dentures will align with natural teeth. Additionally, for full dentures, the bottom should float just above the gum line while the top should smoothly suction to the gum.

Your bite should feel comfortable and strong. If not, you should visit your dentist.

Signs You Might Need Denture Repair

Damaged dentures are a clear indication that they need to be repaired. Contact our Calgary denturist; they will fix your device as needed. If your dentures are broken or chipped, there may be a sharp area that could pierce your skin. Fractures in dentures compromise their structure, and you might need to get them totally replaced sooner than you thought. Fix any chips or cracks at a dental clinic as soon as possible to stay one step ahead of the game.

You shouldn’t experience any gum soreness when wearing dentures. Once you’ve gotten used to wearing dentures and gone through the reshaping process, there may be a flaw on the bottom of the dentures that needs to be rectified if you suddenly experience soreness or bleeding in your oral tissues.

Signs You Might Require a Denture Adjustment

• Having Difficulty with Chewing

You’ll need time to adjust to your new dentures as you get used to eating with them. But if you notice that formerly pain-free dentures are now making you uncomfortable or causing your bite to be out of alignment, it could be time to have them re-fitted for your mouth by your denturist.

• Noticeable Differences in Your Face Shape

Although it can appear strange, the information is accurate. You might notice that your lower face now appears sunken or uneven when you see in the mirror. If this happens, it could be a sign that your dentures need to be replaced.

• Pain and Discomfort

You shouldn’t ever experience pain from wearing dentures. It might be time for a denture adjustment if they feel like they are rubbing, are giving you uncomfortable spots, or appear to have altered noticeably while they are in your mouth.

• Dentures No Longer Fit

If your dentures that formerly snugly fit in your mouth suddenly seem to be rubbing, slipping, or otherwise feeling unpleasant, visit your dental clinic to fix the issues.

Take Care of Your Investment

Maintaining your dentures properly will increase their lifespan and help you get the most out of this significant investment in your pleasure and oral health. Your denturist can demonstrate to you the right methods for cleaning, storing, and maintaining your dentures, as well as how to schedule routine maintenance and repairs.

Acquiring Denture Repairs In Calgary

There is only one thing you should do if you are concerned that your dentures need adjusting, replacing, or being repaired. Get treatment for denture repairs or denture relines in Calgary. You can contact North East Denture Clinic or make an appointment to ensure that your dentures are not causing more harm than good.