Partial Dentures in Calgary

Partial Dentures Near You

Looking for partial dentures near you? At North East Denture Clinic, we offer a variety of options for partial dentures in Calgary. If you have one or more missing teeth and are searching for a solution to restore your smile, receiving partial dentures in Calgary may be an ideal solution.


What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are recommended when there are still natural teeth remaining which provide support to hold your dentures in place. Partial dentures in Calgary are constructed from an alloy of Cobalt and Chrome or plastic with metal wire. A metal free, thermoplastic flexible option is also available as well.

What Types of Partial Dentures Are Offered?

At North East Denture Clinic, we have the ability to fabricate all types of partial dentures near you. We can fabricate titanium partials, cast metal partials, acrylic partials or thermoplastic flexible partials. Thermoplastic flexible partials are a great option when esthetics are a concern.

How are Partial Dentures Created and Held in Place?

If you choose to get partial dentures in Calgary, your dentist will begin by making a series of impressions of your mouth to create your partial dentures. Once your partial dentures have been created, your dentist will show you how to place your partial dentures in between your teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Partial Dentures Near You?

There are numerous benefits of receiving partial dentures in Calgary. For one, wearing partial dentures can make it easier to chew. If you have experienced any changes to your speech, partial dentures can also improve your speech. Lastly, removable partial dentures provide support to your cheeks and lips to prevent facial sagging.

If you have suffered tooth loss and are interested in partial dentures near you, schedule a FREE consultation today at North East Denture Clinic!