What is Denture Repair and Dental Reline?

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Ah, dentures. A classic dental device turned into a staple of comedy thanks to Hollywood’s love of incorporating it into aging jokes.

Yes, dentures are suggested as a course of treatment for elderly individuals, but tooth decay, damage, or loss can happen to anyone for a number of reasons. Dentures are a great option for improving your chewing, ability to speak, and improving your overall oral health.

As any denturist in Calgary or any other city will tell you, dentures are dental devices that require care in order to properly aid you in maintaining your oral health. It’s also perfectly fine if your dentures need to be repaired or if you need a denture reline since our teeth experience plenty of wear and tear on a daily basis.

Denture Reline and Repairs Near You

So, what does it mean to have your dentures repaired or relined?

Denture repairs are necessary when your dentures are damaged. Such damage can include chips or cracks in your dentures, you need to replace a clasp, or a tooth has broken off. Often, eating hard food or if you’ve dropped your dentures repeatedly can cause these issues.

If you’re unsure as to whether you may need to visit a denture clinic near you to fix your dentures, here are some signs you should watch out for: oral sores start appearing, your gums are irritated, you have bad breath, or your dentures are severely stained. Don’t go trying to mend your dentures yourself – this may lead to further damage.

In comparison, a denture reline is when you need to have your dentures readjusted because your gums, mouth, or jaw have changed shape. This is typically part of the aging process, and the longer you have your dentures for, the need to have them relined will indeed arise every so often.

Relining your dentures is solely done to adjust how the device fits in your mouth. This process encompasses adding a brand-new base to your dentures so that they sit against your jaw more comfortably. In comparison, denture repairs are done for functionality and aesthetic purposes.

Indications that you may require a denture reline include having trouble chewing or talking, your face has changed shape, or your dentures are constantly slipping out of place in your mouth.

Come in or Call Our Dental Clinic Today for More Information About Denture Relines and Repair in Calgary!

Fixing your dentures, whatever that may look like, is an important aspect of maintaining good oral health care and living well. Our staff is here to address all your needs, and we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding dentures or other dental treatments. We look forward to walking with you on this journey!