What is a Denture Reline and Types of Denture Relines?

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what is a denture reline and types of denture relines

Dentures are a great way to restore the functionality and appearance of individuals with rows of missing teeth. They can boost self-confidence and allow people to enjoy their daily routines once again. However, dentures can still come with some problems.

Some denture wearers notice that even with customized dentures, their dentures don’t have a nice, snug fit and start to become loose. When this happens, dentures can become uncomfortable to wear. If you have this issue, talk to your dentist about denture relines in Calgary.

Why Are Denture Relines Necessary?

After wearing a set of dentures for a while, it is common for an individual’s gum tissue to change in structure. When this happens, it causes the denture to feel loose. Loose dentures can cause problems such as gum chafing, sores, and infection. Furthermore, loose dentures can make speaking and eating difficult.

Types of Denture Relines

Soft Reline

Most often, dentists will suggest a soft reline. This is because a soft reline makes dentures much more comfortable to wear. Soft relines are beneficial for patients who are new to wearing dentures or patients that have pre-existing gum disease.

This procedure is usually performed in a denture clinic in Calgary. Your dentist will use liquid polymer on the denture to add cushioning and depth. This procedure takes about 45 minutes to complete, and when finished, you will have comfortably and securely fitting dentures. The main advantage of soft denture reline is that your dentist can complete it quickly, and you can have your dentures back in no time.

Hard Reline

Similar to soft reline, in this procedure, your dentist will work to reshape your dentures. The main difference is that your dentist will use a harder material rather than a liquid polymer to reshape the dentures. The main advantage of this form of reline is that it is a more permanent solution and can last for years. Usually, your dentist will have to send your dentures over to a dental lab to complete a hard reline.

Both hard and soft denture relines are simple fixes for individuals struggling with loose-fitting dentures. In both scenarios, the priority is reshaping the dentures to allow for optimal fit.

Are You in Need of Denture Relines?

The best way to determine which kind of denture reline you need is to visit a dentist for an exam. Our dentist will discuss the best option for you and ensure that you feel comfortable with the decision. At North East Denture Clinic, your comfort is our top priority. Please contact our clinic to book an appointment for denture relines today.