Types of Denture Repairs

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Types of dentures repairs

Dentures are prosthetic teeth that may be an ideal result for patients who have gaps in their smile and are searching for dental restoration. They are considered a reliable option to replace missing teeth and restore the regular functions of a patient’s smile. Most dentures can be removable, and there are many choices available depending on how many teeth a patient is missing.

Five Types of Dentures

1. Full dentures

This option works best for patients who are missing all their natural teeth. A Calgary denturist or dentist will custom make the dentures to properly fit your gums and restore your full smile.

2. Immediate dentures

A Calgary denture clinic may use immediate dentures to fix missing teeth after tooth removal and protect the gums while they heal. This temporary solution is ideal for patients who are not yet ready for permanent dentures. They are also sometimes referred to as throw-away dentures.

3. Overdentures

Overdentures are implant-supported dentures that are held into place by implants. These titanium implants will be screwed into the jawbone and will ensure dentures are stable as they provide a stable foundation. A dentist will first need to examine your oral health and jaw to determine if implants are indeed the best treatment for you. Some patients may not qualify for dentures and should explore another type of denture.

4. Partial dentures

This type of denture replaces some teeth that may be broken or missing or removed by tooth extraction. They are removable alternatives to other treatments such as dental bridges.

5. Economy dentures

Economy dentures are an affordable option but may not be the most comfortable. These dentures may lead to gum irritation, and poor oral hygiene, so many dentists recommend avoiding them.

Some patients may prefer a more permanent solution. When visiting their dentist, they may ask what the restorative options are. If you qualify for a procedure such as dental implants, your dentist may suggest you seek this option.

Caring For Dentures

Taking good care of your dentures will ensure their durability and how natural they appear. Some ways to care for dentures include:

  • Removing them overnight and soaking them in a cleaning solution suggested by your dentist.
  • Rinsing and brushing them gently after eating.
  • Avoid non-abrasive cleaners.

What to Do if Your Dentures Break?

In most cases, broken dentures can be repaired. Some repairs will require more work and time than others, and you may need to find a location that does denture repairs in Calgary. The different types of repairs include:

  1. Reline. This repair method refers to resurfacing the side of the denture to help it fit more comfortably.
  2. Rebase. For this repair, the dentist, or denturist, will remake the acrylic part of the denture that holds the artificial smile.
  3. Adjustment. Your denture may need to re-adjust your dentures if they are damaged to improve any discomfort it may be causing.
  4. Replacement. If the denture is extensively damaged, your dentist may choose to replace it.

How Much Do Repairs Cost?

Depending on how much damage the dentures have endured and which type of repair they may need, the cost will vary. Most denture repairs near you may start at $50 but can easily increase if they need additional care.

Some options exist if the damages are not extensive, such as at-home repair kits. A patient can purchase some over-the-counter products; however, these may offer a temporary solution.

Are You Interested in Dentures?

If you have missing teeth and are interested in learning more about a solution, North East Dentures Clinic is happy to assist you. We offer high-quality dentures to restore patients’ smiles. In addition, we will help patients who are experiencing issues with their dentures. Our professional staff can easily repair your product and ensure it is fully functional.