Signs That Indicate You Need Denture Repairs

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signs that indicate you need denture repairs

Dentures are an excellent tooth replacement that allows patients with missing teeth to have a natural-looking, beautiful smile. It is important to remember that your dentures are only good if you put effort into maintaining them. If you don’t take proper care of your dentures, then you may face problems such as:

  • Painful sores
  • Discomfort
  • Broken dentures
  • Trouble chewing and speaking

At North East Denture Clinic, we offer denture repairs near you to help you maintain a healthy smile.

Reasons You Need Denture Repairs

Dentures are a great way to allow patients to eat, speak, and smile normally. However, if you have chosen to get dentures, you must ensure that you do your part to maintain them for as long as possible. Some signs that you may need to visit our denture clinic in Calgary for denture repairs are:

#1 Broken Dentures

Dentures a fragile, and if you place too much pressure on them or drop them, you may end up breaking them. Trying to fix your dentures at home using an over-the-counter repair kit can cause problems with the fit of your dentures and lead to further oral health problems in the future. When your dentures break, it is important to visit North East Denture Clinic as soon as possible to have your dentures repaired.

#2 Difficulty Chewing

The main goal of dentures is to restore your ability to eat the foods you love. While it is normal to need time to adjust to the feel of your dentures, if you continue to notice difficulty when chewing, it could be a sign that your dentures have become loose and need to be refitted.

#3 Gum Irritation

When you first get dentures from our denture clinic near you, they may feel foreign, but once you get used to them, they should never cause any irritation to your gums. Watch out for signs such as:

  • Raw spots
  • Bleeding
  • Inflammation

These signs can indicate that your dentures have a defect and need to be replaced or repaired. You can lower the risk of this happening by maintaining a regular oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing.

#4 Chipped or Cracked Dentures

Not every bit of pressure or drop will break an entire false tooth. Instead, you may notice that small accidents with your dentures cause cracks, pits, or chips in them. These can create sharp surfaces that can irritate the soft tissue in your mouth, so it is important to take them in for denture repairs in Calgary.

#5 Discomfort

If you have invested in a pair of high-quality dentures, you should never find yourself experiencing discomfort. Visit North East Denture Clinic if you notice:

  • Jaw soreness
  • Looseness
  • Uneven pressure on your gums
  • Oral sores

It is vital that you visit our clinic as soon as possible if you notice any sharp pain when biting down, as this can be a sign of bone deterioration and needs to be addressed promptly.

Denture Repairs at North East Denture Clinic

Our team at North East Denture clinic believes that every patient deserves a healthy and beautiful smile. This is why we offer high-quality, affordable dentures to allow all patients to access this excellent replacement option. Our denturist will take the time to help you adjust to your dentures and provide you with the education and information that you need to keep your dentures looking and feeling good for years to come.
Please don’t hesitate to contact our clinic to book a consultation today!